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For Clinicians

Experienced, Board-certified Dermatopathologists

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For Clinicians

Experienced, Board-certified Dermatopathologists

For Clinicians

Pathology Associates of St. Thomas works together with clinicians to provide patients the highest quality and most efficient care possible. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions we get about our procedures.  If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Clinician FAQs

Pathology Associates of St. Thomas provides all supplies and requisitions necessary to send specimens to our laboratory. Formalin bottles are provided for your practice to collect skin and nail specimens. The specimen bottle should be labeled with the patient’s name, the date the specimen was collected, and the site of the specimen. The site is the place of the body that the skin or tissue was collected (left elbow, right earlobe, etc.). Please make sure that the cap on the formalin bottle is securely tightened before placing the bottle in the biohazard bag. Copies of the requisition should be placed in the biohazard bag along with the collected specimen.

Follow the same procedure as above, using a provided Michel’s Solution bottle instead of formalin.  If you are out of Michel’s, please contact us before proceeding.

If we haven’t scheduled a recurring time to pick up specimens at your office, or if you have any questions about how to send a specimen to Pathology Associates of St. Thomas, please call our office at (615) 298-4100.

The clinician’s office staff may request supplies by contacting John Boggan, our Client services representative, at (615) 477-5902 or by calling the laboratory at (615) 298-4100. Our staff is trained to accept supply orders.

Pathology Associates of St. Thomas is considered in-network with all national payers. We understand some patients may have special financial considerations. We strive to accommodate those needs by offering self-pay discounts and other options. Our goal is to work with our referring medical practices to ensure each patient’s needs are met and to handle specific concerns.

Our goal is to deliver accurate reports in the most timely manner possible. Complete reports are typically available within 24 hours after the specimen is delivered to our laboratory. Additional time may be required for complex cases that require additional stains or molecular studies. We are aware that behind every biopsy is an anxious patient.  

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